Here’s my workshop based projects – mostly woodwork and bicycle maintenance, but hopefully in future there may be some engineering projects as well.


Bicycle Maintenance


Shed Renovation and Expansion

Here’s a recent project I completed with my dad – my house came with a brick shed of decent outer size, but was split into 3 rooms (one of those being an outdoor toilet!), making it less than ideal for my purposes. The roof was Read More …

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A good day in the workshop!

While it might be freezing cold, I’ve been busy in the workshop today – making a TV stand so I don’t have to aim my remote controls at odd angles to get to the IR receivers on the various boxes! Experimenting with using simple and Read More …

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Workshop progress

Yesterday I finally got some decent lighting wired up in the shed, which should help stop me using dark evenings as an excuse to not do anything out there! I’m up the the difficult planning stage – ready to start fitting workbenches and shelves and Read More …

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