Me as a toddler, already into my bicycle maintenance!

Me as a toddler, already well into my bicycle maintenance!

In short: Snekkeren is the Norwegian for ‘the carpenter’. I intend to produce quality wooden products, at an affordable price – if a little less perfectly beautiful than a cabinet maker would produce! I think my products have a unique and maybe rustic look, while being robust and long lasting.

Find out more about my processes below (I hope to add a bit about everything eventually!):

The Lichtenberg Process



The longer version:

What is this Snekkeren thing, anyway?

‘Snekkeren’ is a Norwegian word meaning ‘the carpenter’, and that’s a pretty simple explanation of what I do – make stuff with wood! The Norwegian connection is simply a family love of the country – and I lived there for 2 years!

Who is this ‘I’ you speak of?

Sorry, how rude of me – I am Rohan: carpenter, design enthusiast, with an engineering background, working out of my shed – eco-worrier [sic] – trying to save the world one repurposed piano at a time!

*ahem* I’ve been working with wood since I could hold a piece of sandpaper. I produce quality, handmade, wooden items in a shed in my back garden – with the goal of being a more affordable way of getting some quality wooden furniture. While I started out woodworking in my dad’s workshop, I spent the last 10 years or so working in/towards engineering, but have returned to wood – partly cause it smells so much better!

Starting out as a form of therapy, I quickly realised that I could make things that people might actually pay for! I make a wide and ever increasing range of products from mirror frames to coasters to an electric guitar. I am happy to personalise pre-made products (feel free to buy it in store and get in touch about adding something) or make products to fir your requirements – just take a card and get in touch.

Sustainability is important to me: my wood is largely reclaimed either from my house and shed after various DIY projects, old pianos that I have lovingly hacked up*, old pallets, etc. I also head down to the excellent Bristol Wood Recycling Project when I need something specific.

*The pianos were deemed beyond salvage by a local music shop, I should add!