Shed Renovation and Expansion

Here’s a recent project I completed with my dad – my house came with a brick shed of decent outer size, but was split into 3 rooms (one of those being an outdoor toilet!), making it less than ideal for my purposes. The roof was also leaking in numerous places and in need of replacement. Improvements were definitely needed!

After a fair time toying with various ideas (and being distracted by other things needing more immediate attention, naturally), we settled on changing from a flat roof to a small pitch corrugated iron one, knocking down all the interior walls and adding a bit of extra length with a small stud wall extension.

The bulk of it is finished now, although some fairly major things are yet to be done – got some double glazed window panes to replace the old windows, and there’s some polycarbonate needed to ‘glaze’ the long window created by the pitched roof. But it’s just about usable as a workshop now, and I’ve already made two projects! Got a wood lathe to install, and lots of shelving and organisation to do, but the end is most definitely in sight, and having a usable workshop space is a great feeling already!

Here’s a (probably too large) gallery documenting it!


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